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Paid Search Campaigns are extremely flexible and are a powerful route to market. Search engines like Google and Bing allow businesses and individuals to buy listings in their search results. These listings appear along with the natural, non-paid 'organic' search results. .

Professionaly managed paid search campaigns offer a high level of flexibility and return on investment for your company.

A properly structured and optimised campaign will ensure high click through rates and highly targeted Ads and landing pages which in turn reduce the overall cost per click that you pay.

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Individual Approach

Unlike many other companies, we use an individual approach to each client and we never offer you a set of standard decisions for your business.

Qualified Employees

WIDE-i communication is a team of dedicated and qualified search engine marketing experts and developers with a passion for what we do.

Personal Support

We are available in person, by telephone, email and online to answer your questions and help you with all aspects of your online presence.


Our industry leading reports and analytics enables precise measurement of the contribution our services are making to your business.


Paid Search Campaigns are extremely flexible and are a powerful route to market. Pay per Click (PPC) campaigns can be set-up for any sized budget. The total cost of your online marketing will never exceed the daily or monthly budget you have decided upon. Managing a successful paid search campaign has now become a time consuming and complex task. Many companies that set-up and run their own pay per click campaigns fail to see a return on their investment. It is therefore essential to ensure that your campaigns are fully optmised to achieve your marketing goals.

WIDE i will set-up your campaign(s) and mange the entire monitoring, billing and bidding procedure for you to ensure the maximum return on your PPC budget.

To help you achieve your sales and marketing goals, we must be able to execute successful ad campaigns. To do so, we must be adept at:

  • Optimising your campaigns to deliver the best possible results
  • Understanding what's working, what isn't working, and why (aka attribution modeling)
  • Increasing reach
  • Reducing average cost per click
  • Reducing cost per acquisition


Full Service

Where Your Ads Appear
  • Google Search
  • Google Search Re-marketing
  • Google Display Network
  • Google Display Re-marketing
  • YouTube
  • Gmail
  • BING
  • Yahoo
Set-up £450.00
Monthly £350.00
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Or a monthly fee of 5% of AdSpend if greater

Essential Service

Where Your Ads Appear
  • Google Search
  • Google Search Remarketing
Set-up £350.00
Monthly £250.00
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Or a monthly fee of 5% of AdSpend if greater

Frequently Asked Questions

Your exact cost per click is determined by a combination of your competition and quality score. Your average CPC will decrease as you improve your quality score and find more relevant long-tail keywords that have less competition.

WIDE i Communication Ltd is a certified Google Partner. We’ve earned the Google Partner badge by demonstrating knowledge of specific Google AdWords advertising products. Plus, we get access to exclusive training that help us help you.

  • We can helpyou grow your business lonline
  • We’ve been trained and certified by Google to help businesses like yours
  • We've earned the Google Partner badge
  • We can provide the help you need

CTR tells you how often your ads are being clicked. It's calculated by dividing the number of clicks by the number of impressions. High CTRs indicate effective keyword targeting and compelling, relevant text ads..

CPA is your average cost when a user completes a desirable action. CPA can only be calculated if you are using conversion tracking. Lowering your CPA means that your PPC campaigns will have a higher ROI.

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